What does optimized mean?

If you're seeing a message that says “Optimized” next to your emails in your account, it means that SendFox is using email marketing best practices to help improve your email deliverability.

The reason Optimized mode happens is:

  • An open rate on a previous email from your account was lower than industry standards
  • A bounce rate on a previous email from your account was higher than industry standards

We Optimize your emails to HELP you.

If emails are continually sent with low open rates or high bounce rates, Gmail and other inbox providers will put your emails in the spam box — and potentially flag your entire domain as a bad sending domain ( source).

High engagement levels are especially important for your email deliverability ( source).

Optimized emails will send to your best subscribers: Subscribers who have opened or clicked emails from your account over the past 6 months. This is personally what we do for our own emails to get insanely high open rates and engagement — while staying out of the spam folder — so we know it works.

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