Why are my emails not being sent to everyone on my list?

There are three potential reasons why your emails are not being sent to everyone on your list:

1. The checkbox "send to active subscribers only" in your email editor was checked before sending the email. When the box "send to active subscribers only" is checked, this means that your email will only be sent to new subscribers and subscribers that opened your emails in the last 90 days. Make sure that this box is unchecked in your next email send so that your emails go out to everyone on your list.

2. Your list contains contacts that are unconfirmed. All SendFox accounts except those on the empire add-on subscription have a compulsory double opt-in. This means that your subscribers need to confirm their subscription before they receive emails from you. If you have unconfirmed subscribers in your list, they will not be sent your emails. You can view all unconfirmed subscribers by going to the Contacts page, clicking View all, and selecting Unconfirmed Contacts

3. Your SendFox account is optimized. If one of your previous email campaigns had an open rate 3x lower than industry benchmarks or a bounce rate 3x higher than industry standards, your account will be optimized. When your account is optimized, you can only send emails to active contacts. SendFox does this to help your deliverability and sender reputation. If you have questions about being on optimization and how to remove your account from optimization, please reach out to our support team at support@sendfox.com. 

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