How do Smart Campaigns work?

Watch the video tutorial or follow the steps below:

To use the Smart Campaigns feature, you will need to go to your Account Settings to connect your RSS feeds:

Then, go to Web Presence and connect SendFox with all your feeds and social media accounts:

Now that you’ve connected to your feeds and social media accounts, go to the Emails tab:

Then click on “Smart Campaigns” box on the top right:

By enabling the “Weekly Newsletter” feature, SendFox will automatically create newsletter for you every Sunday with your latest RSS feed content:

Here’s an example of one below:

Keep in mind that SendFox will only create a Smart Campaign if you have added new content to your RSS feeds in the last 2 weeks. 

If we go back to the Smart Campaigns Settings, you will notice that there was an option called “Content Updates”:

By checking this box, SendFox will automatically create email campaigns based on your RSS feeds. SendFox will check for updates to your RSS feeds every 30 minutes. Here is an example of an email campaign created based on RSS feeds:

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