Why is my domain validation not working?

A common mistake users make when validating their domain on SendFox is that they use the complete URL and not the domain. For example:

If a user uses the complete URL, https://sendfox.com, then the incorrect CNAME details will be obtained and domain will not be validated.  

Instead, the user must use the domain,  sendfox.com and this will provide the correct CNAME details that will validate the domain. 

Also, you might be experiencing issues if your web host is GoDaddy or NameCheap. If your domain is hosted by one of these two, you must modify your CNAME entries in order to validate. 

You must remove your domain from the host column. For example, if you were trying to validate,  sendfox.com , SendFox would give you these CNAME entries:

Host Data
sendfox.sendfox.com u14417490.wl241.sendgrid.net
sf._domainkey.sendfox.com sf.domainkey.u14417490.wl241.sendgrid.net
sf2._domainkey.sendfox.com sf2.domainkey.u14417490.wl241.sendgrid.net
But you need to insert into your NameCheap's DNS setting these CNAME entries:
Host Data
sendfox u14417490.wl241.sendgrid.net
sf._domainkey sf.domainkey.u14417490.wl241.sendgrid.net
sf2._domainkey sf2.domainkey.u14417490.wl241.sendgrid.net

If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to your web host.

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